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We are introducing a major update with more than 1500 Insertions/Origins mapped and described. Thanks to our new feature, you can bring even more color to the world of human anatomy. But that’s not all! Download our Anatomyka app now and explore all the exciting new changes we’ve introduced. If you love it, don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! Thanks 🙂




INSERTION/ORIGIN - You can now select every muscle and display it together with connected bones with highlighted insertion and origin regions (I/O). Most of I/O contain detailed description.

INSERTION/ORIGIN MAP - We’ve mapped more than 1500 Insertion/Origin regions and painted them directly on every bone. IO map is now displayed with Insertion/Origin and once you make your selection you will see an isolated region with description and also related muscle (muscles are visible only to subscribers).

COLORIZE YOUR ANATOMY WORLD! - In the muscle group and joints section you can colorize organs directly in the panel which will help you memorize and recognize them more effectively.

  • Organs PIVOT - rotation of organs is now more effective. Now objects rotate around the center of the visible objects on screen
  • Phone UI - adjusted design for more effective work with the model.
  • Fixed small bugs in Parts and Surfaces.
  • Parts and surfaces now also contain latin names.
  • Adjusted pins size and position.
  • Adjusted selection and colorize material.
  • Fixed organs names
  • Even more accurate muscles to bones connection.
    - Fixed brief for structures in the hierarchy.
    - Selection material has now X-ray look and is visible through other organs.

Your Anatomyka team