13 000

Organs, structures & regions



Learning about the human ANATOMY
has never been more interactive!

ANATOMYKA app take human anatomy to a whole new level. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D model, our app allows you to get up close with human anatomy in all its breathtaking complexity.

With medically accurate descriptions accompanying each organ and anatomical structure, this software is perfect for students, professions, or anyone with a casual interest in the human body. Alongside each organ and structure are descriptive labels, taken from revolutionary anatomical resource Memorix Anatomy, which are both easy to understand and provide an excellent educational tool.

Experience human anatomy
at the whole new level!


App UI and app medical content already in 6 languages

Learning mode

Simplified learning mode for students


1 license on 4 platforms
(Windows, Android, iOS, macOS)


Save your interactive screens
to E-poster gallery

3D navigator

* Simplify your work with 3D navigator tool

Layered systems

Uncover all anatomy systems layer by layer

Labeling Feature

Mark important organs with colored labels and descriptions

Pinned regions

More than 4500 regions, landmarks and surfaces

Share E-posters

** Share your E-posters with friends , classmates or students

Regions isolation

Isolate body parts to simplify working with the 3D model


** Test your anatomical knowledge

Memorix decriptions

All organs descriptions from revolutionary Memorix book

* Available only in Anatomyka Academic PRO
** Available soon in Anatomyka Academic PRO

Purchase a multi-platform license and use it on any platform 
(Windows, iOS, Android, macOS)


Content of the ANATOMYKA consists from more than 550 pages of medical description hierarchically arranged according to anatomical systems.

Anatomyka team does its best to translate as many anatomy systems as possible into your language. The content of the ANATOMYKA is very extensive and therefore the translation itself is time and money consuming. Nevertheless, we believe that during this year we will be able to insert most of the chapters into the ANATOMYKA application.


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