About us

Two years ago, two passionate professionals started creating a 3D model of the entire human body.

Our mission was to combine the extreme complexity of the human body with an artistic touch and hand-painted textures.

To make sure that the underlying science is spot-on, we partnered up with the authors of Memorix Anatomy, a revolutionary book on human anatomy.


The Anatomyka app is a perfect tool to visualize and educate about the human body through the real-time rendering of the highly detailed 3D model.

A user can select, search, rotate, move or hide any body parts, body systems, inner organs, medical implants, etc. Additionally, the app provides a set of different features like painting on the screen, on the 3D model, changing colors, adding text labels or creating screenshots.

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All body parts are organized into thousands of anatomical structures by anatomical systems.

Expert text content is provided by the top anatomists from Memorix Anatomy as presented in their popular anatomy book.

You can search, select, hide, colorize, transparent or modify the appearance of any body part.

Choose from multiple scene environments to work with (medical white, space dark, or illustrated 2D)

Create and organize your own specialized views.

Learn from text organized like in a medical book with related organs in 3D preview.

Pin & Labels
Create custom labels and simply attach them to any organ.

Take notes and draw your ideas.

Insert an image into the scene.

Let others see your screens.

Anatomy systems

Skeletal system

  • more than 3000 selectable parts, surfaces and landmarks of bones
  • high resolution hand-painted textures
  • visualized and interactive foramina

Connective tissue

  • contains 700 connective tissues
  • shows related bones
  • hierarchical structure based on Memorix anatomy
  • organized into distinct joint groups

Muscular system

  • contains all skeletal muscles of the human body
  • viewable insertion, origin for every muscle
  • documented functions and innervations
  • hierarchical structure based on Memorix anatomy
  • organized into distinct muscle groups

Skeletal system

Muscular system

Connective tissue

Nervous system

Venous system

Arterial system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Lymphatic system

Urogenital system

Integumentary system

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