Try the revolutionary combination of book and app

Everyone knows that learning from a book is irreplaceable. That’s why we’ve prepared an exclusive combination of the classic-book and its modern form-application. Probably all of you know the unique Memorix anatomy textbook. The simplicity and clarity with which it is written will help you conquer even the most abstruse anatomical challenges. For students, it is available for purchase on the Memorix Anatomy website.

Now we have transferred all the illustrations of the musculoskeletal system from the Memorix book into the interactive 3D environment of Anatomyka Academic PRO.

How does it work?

1. You just need the Anatomyka Academic PRO installed on your Windows/MacOS computer. If you do not have it, you can buy .

2. Go to the gallery of e-posters and to the field ” search “ write number of the  page(2)/chapter(1)* from the book Memorix (MX ***), where the organ you want to display in the application is located.

3. Voila! You will see all illustration thumbnails from the page/chapter. One click and you’re diving into an interactive 3D world.

4. And we labeled each organ with a different color and created for you ebuttons for every organ for easier selection.

* The chapter number consists of the chapter and subchapter numbers as shown in the figure.

It couldn't be easier to learn the anatomy of the human body with the Anatomyka app