Anatomyka Academic PRO with
high-end anatomical 3D model
Anatomyka Academic PRO
multi-platform anatomy tools
Uncover anatomical systems in their
breathtaking complexity
Explore human anatomy
in Unbelievable Detail

13 000

Organs, structures & regions



anatomyka ACADEMIC PRO

Anatomy ACADEMIC PRO is a unique interactive anatomy tool on your PC, laptop or macOS. Perfect for students, lecturers and professionals. All organs, regions and structures are in stunning 3D with medically accurate descriptions accompanying each organ and anatomical structure. Organs and regions are divided into anatomical systems and also arranged in a clear hierarchy.

Uncover human anatomy layer by layer

Master bone structures with labelling of parts, surfaces, and foramen

Pinned insertions and origins directly to the corresponding bones

Look inside the organs with cross-section feature

Explore anatomical regions with detailed descriptions and classifications

Effortless isolation region by region

Create Educational Posters with our interactive tools

Set your own colour for a personalised learning experience

Learning mode - Turn Anatomyka to an interactive anatomical book

See anatomy up close in Unbelievable Details

Save your screens and share with colleagues (coming soon)

More Than 550 Pages Of Medical Information With Proper Organisational Hierarchies


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